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"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations"


Sorry I haven’t been behaving like myself.

"It’s a deep responsibility to those you love to keep yourself in optimal health"

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"The sleep of reason produces monsters"

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History is repeating itself. We can feel it. Face your fate. I know this is tragedy, but those who deserve the light must go through darkness.

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when you make a fandom reference and no one understands it

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"What’s so scary about smart girls?"

The question was posed by a donor representative speaking at the Girl Summit 2014 this week in London. The speaker’s answer to his own question – that smart girls can change the world – matched the mood of the event, which was upbeat, energetic, and ambitious in its goals. 

Girl Summit Should Lead to Action

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Jealousy - comes from feeling like the target who invoke your jealousy does not deserve what she/he has; from my limited experience, this is because you feel like you deserve better than her/him


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Dear sis,

To be honest thanks for everything you’ve done for me when I’m down.

Your bro.

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